WPCAMR Western Pennsylvania Coalition
for Abandoned Mine Reclamation

WPCAMR's Mission

Let's work together for clean water and a healthy environment

Waste coal pile
Abandoned pile of waste coal

Formed in 1982 by concerned Conservation Districts, WPCAMR brings together an alliance of 24 County Conservation Districts and cooperative organizations in the bituminous coal region of Western Pennsylvania.

WPCAMR is a non-profit, non-partisan, local, state, federal, and industry partnership dedicated to improving water quality and endorsing the reclamation of abandoned mine lands in their region. Guided by a Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee made up of remediation experts, WPCAMR works to halt abandoned mine drainage into Western Pennsylvania's waterways and has initiated many remediation projects.

Why Clean Up Abandoned Mine Drainage?

  • It enhances our quality of life. Clean water is our most important resource.
  • Clean water resources encourage recreation, tourism, and economic development.
  • It restores habitat for aquatic life. Orange streams are often dead, because mine drainage is toxic to most aquatic organisms.
  • It restores community pride that positively affects people's attitude and behavior, giving the local community a feeling of accomplishment.
  • It beautifies the area - orange streams are unattractive.

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